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Our broad range of online advertising formats provide highly effective options to present your message within the exclusive and concentrated target audience of German-speaking professional investors. We offer a diverse spectrum of online display ad formats across devices: desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Examples of digital advertising formats on

Explore the ad formats available across websites . Click on a format to view examples.

Featured Banner (728px x 90px)

The most prominent standard banner format on The Featured banner (728px x 90px) is placed right at the top of our websites and thus falls into view immediately upon loading.

Half Page Banner (300px x 600px)

Dominating the homepage and commanding attention, half page banners (300px x 600px) are placed on channel and article pages (to the right of the content). This is where users typically spend the longest periods of time on our website.

Medium Rectangle (MPU) Banner (300px x 250px)

The Medium Rectangle format (300px x 250px) guarantees a particularly wide reach as this format is prominently placed on the welcome page, channel pages and article pages.

Skyscraper Banner (120px x 600 px)

A classic but highly effective ad format: Skyscraper banner formats (120px x 60px) are promintently positioned at the upper section of the welcome page – additionally skyscraper formats are placed on channel and article pages (to the left of the content). Also available as „Skyscraper Wide“ (160px x 600px).

Efficient Targeting offers a great variety of customized targeting opportunities – advertisers can choose between geographical (Austria:, Germany:, Switzerland: and content-specific targeting arrangements (e.g. banner delivery exclusively in the FUNDS- or ECONOMICS-channel).

Additional digital advertising formats & media data

Learn more about our complete range of digital advertising formats, as well as analytical statistics on the reach and audience of by requesting our latest media kit. After providing your basic contact details and clicking 'Request media kit' our team will get back to you asap: